RCS statement on clinical trial transparency

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The RCS expects all researchers conducting trials, including
those supported by the College, directly or indirectly,
1. Register the trial in a publicly accessible trial
database, such as ClinicalTrials.gov, the ISRCTN
registry, or another register listed on the WHO
International Clinical Trials Registry Platform,
within six weeks of recruiting the first patient or,
for trials of medical devices, within the timeline
determined by the current registration and
publication decision trees.
2. Submit for publication the trial’s full study report,
including methods and unbiased reporting of
results (i.e. no selective reporting of positive
3. Share anonymised participant-level trial datasets
where appropriate, through pre-existing free
online resources such as FigShare or
ResearchGate, to facilitate ancillary research and
independent reanalysis of study results.
4. Provide continuity of access to data if a trial is