Breast Angiosarcoma Surveillance Study (BRASS) – A National Audit of Management and Outcomes of Angiosarcoma of the Breast and Chest Wall

The BRASS study is a collaborative project led by practising breast and plastic surgeons in the UK and ROI.

UPDATE: 21/11/2016

Jenny Banks presented an update at the 3rd iBRA Study Day.

The plan is to complete audit registrations in Feb/March 2017 and start data collection in April 2017.

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Aims and objectives

This is a retrospective multicentre audit
BRASS aims to use the trainee collaborative model to:

  1. Define the incidence of primary and radiation induced angiosarcoma of the breast and anterior chest wall in the UK
  2. Retrospectively describe the current practice in diagnosis, staging and management of primary breast AS and RAAS in relation to the National Clinical Practice Guidelines in Oncology Soft Tissue Sarcoma document, published by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN).
  3. Evaluate the outcomes of patients treated for primary breast AS and RAAS in the UK and describe prognostic factors.
  4. Generate data to help guide best practice guidelines in the future
  5. To inform a potential prospective study of primary breast AS and RAAS.


This is a trainee-led retrospective multicentre audit co-ordinated by members of the BRASS steering group.

Trainees from across the UK will be invited to participate in the study through the Mammary Fold and the National Research Collaborative network. A local Trainee Lead will be identified at each centre. Trainee leads will be responsible for identifying a supervising consultant and obtaining local audit approvals at their centre. If there are no trainees within a unit, consultants, associate specialists, speciality doctors or research nurses will be encouraged to participate and enter data on behalf of their unit.

The study will be piloted in five centers; Liverpool, Exeter, Bath, Leeds and Birmingham prior to national roll-out of the audit to evaluate the feasibility of trainees being able to identify appropriate patients and collect the necessary data. The pilot will also be used to test the acceptability of data collection pro-formas and the quality of data collection.

Inclusion criteria

All patients (male and female) over the age of 16 years with a histologically confirmed diagnosis of angiosarcoma of the breast, skin overlying the breast or anterior chest wall between 1st January 2000 and the 31st December 2015.

Exclusion criteria

Patients without a confirmed tissue diagnosis of primary breast AS or RAAS.

Research Governance

This project is being conducted as a clinical audit. Local collaborators will be required to register the project with their local audit department prior to commencing data collection.
No patient identifiable data will be collected for the purposes of the study.

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  • Pilot centre data collection
  • National data collection
  • Data analysis
  • Manuscript submission
  • Publication
Professor C Holcombe
Professor of Breast Surgery
Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen NHS University Trust

Miss Shelley Potter
Academic Clinical Lecturer in General Surgery
Centre for Surgical Research, University of Bristol

Dr Abeer Shaaban
Consultant Pathologist
Chair of the Translational Subgroup of the NCRI Breast CSG

Miss Jenny Banks
Specialty Registrar in General Surgery
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Miss Charlotte Ives
Specialty Registrar in General Surgery
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Dr Adrian Harnett
Consultant Clinical Oncologist
Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Mike Hallissey
Consultant in General Surgery
Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham

Mr Kieran Horgan
Consultant in General and Breast Surgery
Leeds Teaching Hospitals

Miss Rachel Tillett
Consultant Plastic and Breast Surgeon
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Dr Jenny Sherriff
Consultant in Clinical Oncology
University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust

Mr Douglas Ferguson
Consultant Oncoplastic Breast Surgeon
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Mr David Izadi
Specialty registrar in plastic surgery
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital

Mr Hazim Sadideen
Specialty registrar in plastic surgery
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust